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The Hair Show is undergoing a major upgrade and will not be available for sale again for a few months. Along with this is a pricing review. So if you want a demo version or pricing information and you can wait for the product then join our mailing list to be kept updated. You can do that here.

Meantime the long awaited Salon Management System is finally here. It comes as standard with many features that other vendors only offer as add on modules. It is also devastatingly priced in comparison with such competitive systems at just £300 including all future product upgrades. You can download a 30 day licensed version from here.

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What is The Hair Show?

The Hair Show is hair software that performs virtual hairstyling. Virtual hairstyles are a way of seeing hair styling possiblities quickly and cheaply and most importantly without the risk of not liking the end result. It is for hair salons, image consultants, and anyone else who would like to use it. It enables your clilent to see a very good impression of what she would look like with an entirely new hairstyle or a new colour.

Your clients have been wanting this for a long time. Maybe you have been too. A lot of your clients would love to know what a new style or colour would look like, on them, before they decide to commit themselves to having the work done. Magazine pictures may have some great styles but they are on the wrong faces.

When a client can see how a new style is likely to turn out she is much less cautious about going for something new, something a little more daring.

As a consultation tool hair imaging is a technology you can use to show your client exactly what you could do. Or it gives her a means of showing you exactly what she wants. This kind of pampering attention at consultation time can make a big difference to your word of mouth advertising.

These are Virtual Hairstyles created with The Hair Show





Take a good look. There are only two models yet there are eight styles. Click on an image to see a larger version. Each modelís face is the same in each of her shots, only the styles are different.

The pictures used here have been made smaller and have been compressed to allow for faster downloads but you can still see that what is produced is realistic enough to get a good idea of what the model would actually look like with those styles.